Lost with Purpose

Are you searching ways to make this summer vacation more exciting and colorful? Summer days are a special time and people look for different refreshing activities to relish the freedom of this season. This is the right time to relax, take rest and have fun and adventure. You have the freedom to define your vacation on your own terms. There is no shortage of exciting and revitalizing activities in India to indulge during summer. Everybody irrespective of ages loves the idea of spending time outdoors. Even though this season can be a little harsh in the country, some activities make you revitalized and energized.

Enjoy the Thrill and Excitement of Trekking

Trekking is a very popular adventure activity that makes you refreshed during summer. It is not only inspirational but also helps you to test the limits of your physical and mental power and endurance. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to inhale fresh and clean air. And you can get close to nature, hear the chirping sounds of birds and watch exotic wildlife. You can find plenty of best trekking routes in Himalayan Mountain ranges with varying scope of difficulty. The trekking destinations in North India also offer revitalizing and exciting experience to the participants. Trekking is not only to check the endurance and stamina level of a person, but it also offers the chance to realize the flimsiness of mountain ecology, discover many unidentified territories and enjoy the beauty of different flora and fauna at high altitudes. It is not so easy to choose a trekking destination in India from so many astonishing trails.


Know the Culture and Traditions of a Place through River Rafting

River rafting is a high-adrenaline sport and a hobby for many youngsters. There are several rivers in India where you can enjoy this interesting activity. River rafting is not only a good way to exercise, but it also provides the chance to get outside and have fun. You will just love the idea of sitting under the sun and feel the cool breeze while doing this activity. It is not only revitalizing but also makes the soul of the person at ease. Another exciting advantage of river rafting is the variety of wildlife that you can watch while sitting on a raft. River rafting is also for people who have a love for plants. While cruising down a river, you will be able to watch amazing plant life. River rafting is a wonderful way to know the surroundings and beauty of the destination. In every sense, it is an enjoyable activity beyond all other factors. It is refreshing, unforgettable and completely worth each second spent doing it. Remember to wear life jackets properly before going for this activity. Also carry swimming costumes and quickly drying clothes. There are several places in North India that offer outstanding river rafting options.

Give Wings to Your Dream of Flying through Paragliding

If you are an adventure junkie, paragliding is just for you. You will never forget the experience of flying high up in the air and enjoy the aerial view of the landscape. It is the dream of everybody to conquer the skies and fly among the clouds like a free bird. In fact, this dream of men led him to the invention of airplanes, gliders etc. The best advantage of this sport is that it can be enjoyed by people of any gender or age group and requires minimum training. This aviation sport is gaining much popularity these days, which allows the flier to be with his surroundings. Paragliding tours are available in different variations in India such as powered paragliding, hang gliding, kite skiing, and speed flying. It is truly an energizing activity, which gives the flier to view the surroundings from a different angle. Besides, it gives him the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the place like never before. If you wish to soar into the skies and soak in the natural splendor of the destination, then plan for a paragliding tour in this summer vacation.


Get Close to Nature and Explore Waterways through Kayaking

Exercise in the fresh air certainly makes you refreshed and feels good. Kayaking is a wonderful way to explore the waterways and at the same time makes you fit. It is a wonderful sport and the whole family can actively participate in it. This is an ideal activity for an outdoor enthusiast that gives him not only the peace and serenity of getting lost in the moment but also the mind-blowing thrill of a roller coaster. The reason for the popularity of kayaking is that it is really fun and helps to get close to nature. You just admire the potential that it offers for unlimited adventure. Kayakers love the idea of watching the exotic wildlife on the banks of a tranquil lake or simply exploring stunning island crevices. It is also relaxing to watch the sunset over a lake while sitting in a kayak. Moreover, you get relief from the scorching rays of the sun during summer through kayaking. Always keep the safety measures when you head out for your paddling tour. It is important to learn how to do kayaking and always wear the life jacket. Kayak is a sport for all ages and makes this summer special by planning some tour with your friends or loved ones.

Enjoy Your Summer Breakthrough Rock Climbing

You would certainly appreciate the idea of rock climbing to make your summer days more exhilarating. It is not only an out of the routine activity to spend quality time with your friends or loved one, but give your body a workout and an uplifting mental challenge. Rock climbing is not only to improve your confidence level, but it is fun. Nothing else matters when you are in this activity and you may find it an excellent way to release your stress. In fact, you can get a completely new outlook on life through rock-climbing. Setting goals and move towards them increase your confidence and teaches you life skills. India is dotted with so many stunning places to go rock climbing where you can get beautiful memories of a lifetime. Rock climbing enthusiasts are keen to go to the top of the sharp cliffs to experience the excitement and thrill of the activity and to enjoy breathtaking views from the top.