Bhrigu Lake trek

I would call this the perfect WEEKEND hiking option. High altitude treks usually need about a week, but Bhrigu lake Trek could be comfortably done in 3 days. If you are an experienced trekker you could do it in even lesser time.

Bhrigu Lake trek takes you to the high altitude glacial lake called Bhrigu, the lake is at 4300 meters. If you look up at the sky from Manali, Bhrigu lake Trek is 2km up in the sky from Manali. The trek is a moderately difficult trek, because of two reasons. One – the maximum altitude you reach on this trek is 4300 meters above sea level. Two – the ascents and descents on this trek is steep, so you need to be reasonable fit to do this trek.

Now let me tell you why this trek is a delight! The trek starts from Gulaba which is at an altitude of 2600 meters and after a few hours of the trek, you would cross the forests and the treeline to enter the high altitude alpine meadows of Bhrigu. These meadows are a visual delight, the carpet of green grass along with the blue sky is an enthralling sight which will raise your spirits. Then comes the glacial lake, to be able to see a glacial lake in two days of trekking is not possible on any other trek, that apart Bhrigu lake will amaze you everytime because the lake changes colours dramatically from blue to green to white during the winters. The alpine meadows of Bhrigu are covered with snow during the colder months and makes it a winter snow trek as well. And finally you also cover dense and fragrant pine forests, followed by green apple orchards. You get to cover all the good things which Himachal has to offer within three days. Book this trek now and enjoy this wonderful adventure!